Two Sides of a Coin

July 5, 2017 - Reflections, Tenderness
Two Sides of a Coin

His state of mind, stuck in the middle, conflicted
Walking through the dark moon lit forest they called Identity Crisis
Unfortunately he didn’t know what he wanted
Before him were two roads
The signs read Dreams and Norms
One of which was to get him to a place called Destiny

He looked down Dreams
If he decided to go down this road he knew very well that he’d face countless obstacles, most of them unforeseen
Again he knew that it would be running a race with no cheers from friends and family
Society too would declare him strange and label him all sorts of names as if he were a new invention
Sadly with no motivation, he was uncertain of his sanity limits and wasn’t sure if it was a risk worth taking

Norms on the other hand was a nice smooth sailing freeway, perfect comparison
This would have been the more logical winning race
He would have unquestionable support at all times
And finally he’d get the gift he had always wished for, Acceptance
These pictures played in his mind like a dreamy scene from a movie

But still he was unconvinced, none seemed to draw him closer
One craved his mind and the other his heart
He felt as if he was splitting down the middle psychologically
He finally makes a decision and raises his foot
But the wind of Uncertainty whispered something in his ear that again divided his thoughts
He glances over at both roads once more and closes his eyes
He reaches into his pocket, grabs something and takes it out
The clenched fist opens to reveal a gold coin
Sadly, it is the only option he had left since he couldn’t make the decision himself
He flipped the coin of Fate into the air, waited for it to fall and quiet down
His heart pounding on his ears, he slowly opens his eyes and looks down…


Written by The Dreamer | Gmail


Photo credits:
(1) Master Tux via Pixabay (license)
(2) Alexas Fotos via Pixabay (license)

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