Over the Hill

July 31, 2017 - Reflections
Over the Hill

The grass is always greener on the other side
On the other side of the hill, the worth of everything appears ten fold
Over the hill, the crop comes across as more succulent; standards look elevated and aloft
There is always the impression that there’s lesser gravity and more clarity in the storm

But behold, over the hill the bread looks to be buttered but the tea is sugarlessly brewed
The canopy of the tall trees stowing away the long-drawn-out road to nowhere
The road rimed with animals of the wild
And stinging baits from the earth below

Towards the head-spring of the graciously rising smoke, a chocked fire sizzles
Below the stalk of the flowers budding on the treetops
The starved and undernourished roots stand hollow and famished
A snapshot of the inverted and warped realities

Unnerving are the underlying facts beyond the illusion
Because after the sunset, the refined lies and coated truths beleaguer
And the lies that illuminate more than the fluorescent truths by day grow dim
Like the withering niceties in the winter of life

The truth always unfolds and becomes bare
The rust always dissipates and the lining on the cloud vanishes away
Leaving the buds of veracity and the candor consistent with the universe
In due time and course, the facades dwindle and the real value of the leeward side blossoms

Photo credits:
(1) Pexels via Pixabay (license)
(2) Pexels via Pixabay (license)

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