The Lure of the Sun Set Rays!

July 21, 2017 - Reflections
The Lure of the Sun Set Rays!

The cool of an evening breeze,
The trees dance in a slow jazz tune,
In a coordinated move they swing,
And our hearts join in the rhythm trail,
Beautiful romance we say!

A glance through the sun set rays,
On the other side of the wall,
A rainbow paints, storms are gone,
Rainy days are gone, we can finally do the evening walk
Beyond the curtains of familiarity
Beautiful romance we say!

Here is my hand, you stretched yours to mine,
Babe its time, the weather is clear,
A new horizon to pursue, no time to spare,
“Maybe another more day, till the lightning ceases,
And the sun set rays wont strain through the dark clouds”
Its okay, we said, we can chase through the rain
Beautiful romance we say!

No coats today, weather is good,
Just the rays, just the cool evening breeze,
There is rainbow, lets go to beyond the horizon
Laughing and loving, running and dancing in the cool evening breeze,
Lets not complicate our evening, no serious talks today,
Beautiful romance we say!

Hours in far foreign love land,
Its chilly, rays are gone and no moon today,
Lets go back to familiar zone,
Lets retreat to the comfort of our happiness,
The warm couch and blanket,
Beautiful romance we say!

Rain drops! rain drops!
Rains are back, the rainbow mislead us,
The sun rays lured us when they knew they were setting
And the chase began, we froze, we soaked, we dripped
It was muddy, feet sticking in the mud,
Not a beautiful romance we said!

I held your hand, it felt gentleman-ish act,
But the more I held you, the more we stuck in the mud,
Pull me! hold me, push me, carry me!, we cried
If I hold you, we will get stuck,
If I let you go, I will lose you in the dark,
Not a beautiful romance we said!

I hold you, I let you go, chasing through the rain,
Follow my footsteps, lets shade under the tree,
Its cold, its cold, we are confused!
A rider pulls over, she rolls down the window,
You’ve to take the ride knowing this is the last,
Not a beautiful romance,

We knew this was the last,
They told us before the sun set,
That we were lured by the sun set rays,
Yes, the rays of a setting sun
The Princess of all times, I screamed as you watched through the window,
Waved a kiss through the rain, in tears of the last,
And that was the Gift chasing in the rain,
Beautiful romance we say!

If this is the last, I wish you warmth in the city,
As I chase you through the rain, I hope I will not wear out,
And when the light of the dawn rises,
I will see you again warm.

By Brighton


Photo credits:
(1) Pexels via Pixabay (license)
(2) Charlois Porto via Pixabay (license)

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