Line between dark and light.

July 7, 2017 - Reflections
Line between dark and light.

The last breath,
The moment that I last saw death
And it’s shadows of sorrow and depression,
The darkness, that clouded my eyes in oppression,
Blinding me from the beauty of this world
All I felt,
Is the pain of the dead,
Crushing souls and gnawing teeths
Out of the cold of limbo
Bleeding eyes, crying feet
When the shade of the world felt a single,
Touch of grey, structures stiff,
Yet the heart is feeble,
Those days are gone and passed
Those days are no longer a shadow in my past
For whence the light shimmers
And your face feels the glory of feeling whole,
The tree of darkness,with it’s connected leaves and branches,
And your soul receives the glory
Blinded by the sweet grace.

By Sleeky | Twitter | WordPress


Photo credits:
(1) jill111 via Pixabay (license)
(2) Comfreak via Pixabay (license)

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