The Untold Tale

June 9, 2017 - Heart matters, Tenderness
The Untold Tale

The look …
That look took … my breath away
Felt like reading an irresistible romantic book
But little did I know that it was a hook
That would ultimately
Get stacked on me entirely
Endless times I just shook … my head
Wondering what was lying ahead.

The smile …
That smile got me wondering for a while
And wishing that I could fly
In the open sky
That was me staring at something incredible …
And right then my mind wasn’t et al stable.

The eyes …
Those pretty eyes erased all my fears and lies
And all those butterflies
That were stacked and packed …
Deep within my heart.

The dimples…
Those dimples made everything simple
Because they carefully enclosed these entrancingly soft lips
And these lips gave me tips
Of what I was yearning for
Shaped so carefully by the Creator…
They made my anxiety much greater.

That charming face…
Set my entire body ablaze🔥
I was left with no other option than to gaze
And praise … the Almighty, for giving me the chance
To have a glance …
Of a magnificent Princess
The Untold Tale.

Written by James Lemaiyan | Instagram | Twitter | Gmail

Photo credits:
(1) Unsplash via pexels (license)
(2) Pixabay via pexels (license)


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