Ode to my Love (Third name and last name Acrostic)

June 11, 2017 - Reflections, Tenderness
Ode to my Love (Third name and last name Acrostic)

Maybe you are doubting,maybe you are hurting
Kiss me by the lips let me taste your pain
Am all yours trust me you are the one I was made for
Must we be apart even when we are together?
Obviously not but the seconds without you to me are forever
Remember I do even if you don’t, understand why
I am yours and you are mine beware of thieves we shouldn’t lose each other

Irene my deary love
Remember the good times when bad is all you see
Envy the dead for they don’t feel jealousy though its necessary
Never give up on me always smile when you remember me love
Enjoy the dance even when we miss some steps


Written by Sichach Moses | Instagram | Twitter


Photo credits:
(1) Pixabay via pexels (license)
(2) Tarek Ansary via pexels (license)


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