No to Abortion

June 24, 2017 - Crestfallen, Heart matters, Reflections, Tenderness
No to Abortion

Let’s be straight with each other for just a moment
What are you really afraid of?
What is your motivation to deny another life?
Is it that you still young at twenty something?
Or will he be mad that he will call it off?
Wait, you are scared that your parents will denounce you
Or your friends will leave you
Or do you think that it is the end of life
Or you’ll lose your shape
Or your boobs will sag and he will stop loving them
Or you will have to give up the fun and partying
Wait, you are afraid your life will slow down
Or opportunities will not come your way
Or you will have to choose where to work

Let me straight with you
I am exhausted
I can barely come up with a good-enough reason
From where I stand, nothing is greater than this gift
Nothing can compare the gift of motherhood
A baby is an angel
Placed on your hands by God himself
He chose you because He knows you are the best mother ever
But what do you choose to do?

Let’s be straight with each other
Why get yourself pregnant if you ain’t going to take responsibility?
Why not protect yourself?
Even worse, why not just know your cycle?
Why do you just want to have fun murdering?
Well, at least I am being straight with you
You have the great job
You beautiful from all the selfies allover facebook
You go for holidays anywhere you want
You give advice and even quote verses and scripts

Let me be straight with you
It is not your decision to make
Whether that baby lives or dies
But it is your choice to make
Whether you want to be a murderer
Or a mother

But I dare you Beautiful
Keep the baby
Let’s see if your parents will denounce you
Let them friends leave
They wouldn’t have stayed anyway
Let him say he doesn’t love them breasts no more
Well, he will have to live with it
Moreover, he was the two in the tango
Even worse, let him leave
For you to see the type of a coward you wasted your time on
Oh your shape?
Eat well, sleep more and spend an hour at the gym
You’ll have all them heads turning even with your baby on your hip
Forget Tribeka Lounge, Brew Bistro, Galileo or K1
Your living room will be the best club ever
And beautiful, a baby is a blessing
Opportunities will line up down your path one after the other
You will have the best time of your life

So let’s be straight with each other
Let’s make the right choices
Remember there are barren women
Yet you killing your own
Remember this is even beyond you
Let’s chose safe
Otherwise let’s chose God to take control
Let’s stop abortion

By Millie


Photo credits:
(1) Matwor 29 via Pixabay (license)
(2) Unsplash via Pixabay (license)


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