Love Like a White Dove of Peace

June 16, 2017 - Heart matters, In Love
Love Like a White Dove of Peace

Love like a white dove of peace
Igniting her feelings for an ailment of me
Holding her around like a DNA helix
Down the paths we walk and talk
Play like pets, fantasy made real

My heart bleeds for her love
My art inks of her beauty
My eyes gaze on her elegancy
My touch reach to her tenderness
My mind entangled in her untagged morals

Her words wise of life twice
Her outlook fits in like stars in sky
Her smile glows like moon in a clear sky night
Her style so unique to tick twice

She’s a diamond amongst jewellery
A bit amongst currencies
A morning star in my life
A pillar of my heart
A reason for my joy.

Show me joy and I’ll tell of her ever stylish smile
Show me luxury and I’ll tell of her holding heart
Show me beauty and I’ll parade her tintless figured anatomy

If beauty prevails, she has it’s perfection
If partners perfect another, we are the undefined perfection
If love is sweet, then am hyperglycemic
If happiness is the taste of life, I have it all

Written by Amos Kagiri

Photo credits:
(1) Kagz


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