Love, a Lie

June 29, 2017 - Heart matters, Reflections, Tenderness
Love, a Lie

Long have I heard of it
How have I yearned for it?
But it never made sense
It made life more tense Are you gonna help me get a title for this one?
It made me walk on thorns
That Pierced my skin bitterly
I mean love

I take it as a normal word
I take it as a joke
I have never known its meaning
I term it as a game
A game that hurts
A lie that never ends
What a bitter pill to swallow!
A game of death
I mean love

Lonely on my bed I dream
That I even want to hate sleeping
Not because sleeping is bad
But it wakes memories
Memories that hurt
Memories that sink my heart
Deep with sorrow
I mean love

I try to figure it out
I try to calculate it
Ooops, syntax error
Is what my calculator shows
Am tired of retrospection
Because it helps me not
Rather, it makes me hate it more
I mean love

I have tried it in many styles
Not forgetting the many types
But the more I try,
The more I bounce.
Will I ever get it positive?
Maybe someday I’ll achieve,
What I have yearned for years.
I mean love.

Photo credits:
(1) Jerzy Gorecki via Pixabay (license)
(2) Pexels via Pixabay (license)

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