It Hurts

June 27, 2017 - Crestfallen
It Hurts

Before I knew it,
I was in love.
Like an innocent dove,
I fell for it.
A blunder.
Ouch, it hurts.
Light skin as they call them,
Queen cake eyes.
I got no brake.
Little did I know,
She was there for a while.
Now gone not to return.
Ouch, it hurts.
She meant my life.
But now she means hell to my life.
She made me turn careless.
I now lost the meaning,
The meaning of love.
Memories we had, now trouble to my life.
Ouch, it hurts
I wish I knew.
My heart bleeds,
Succumbed with hate.
Who will bring back,
The jovial boy I knew.
Ouch, it hurts

By Eric Okero 09-06-2014


Photo credits:
(1) Miss Cara Reads via Pixabay (license)
(2) Dimitris Vetsikas – 1969 via Pixabay (license)


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