I loved Him Too

June 21, 2017 - Heart matters, In Love, Out of Love
I loved Him Too

Hi Beautiful, how are you doing?
It was him again,
I could recognize the deep voice,
The voice that sent chills down my spine whenever I heard it
The words that made me blush like an 18 year old
The only one’s presence I yearned for the whole day

Hi Handsome, I am okay, and you?

I was delighted to see him again
My heart yearned for a wonderful moment
My lips craved for his soft and tender kisses
My body desired for his slow caresses
My mind just wanted a peaceful moment

I have missed you Beautiful

Of course I had missed him too
And I was glad the distance had affected him
My absence had brought him closer
And I felt his desire build as he moved closer
He craved for the hug as much as I did

I missed you too Handsome

This was true
From deep down my heart I yearned for his presence
I had not stopped thinking about him not even for a day
Each moment I closed my eyes took me back to the last day we spent together
The day he declared he loved only me

Have you made up your mind?

Yes I had made up my mind
I was going to be his wife
I was ready to trend this journey with him
Through the seasons
I was ready to remain and make memories with him
Because I loved him too

By Millie


Photo credits:
(1) Andreas Weitz via pixabay (license)
(2) Master Tux via pixabay (license)


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