June 5, 2017 - Heart matters, In Love, Reflections, Tenderness


How will I make her understand
That without her I can hardly stand…
And that my love for her is countless, just like the sand…?

How will I let her know
That her glowing smile gives me a blow…
And that her timid composure stops the blood flow… in my body?

How will I make her see
That I’m so frank, on my knees…
When I tell her that she holds the keys… to my heart?

How will I convince this princess
That she’s the only cure to my loneliness…
And that she’s my lioness…?

And how will I…
I mean, how?!

Written by James Lemaiyan | Instagram | Twitter | Gmail

Photo credits:
(1) Unsplash via pexels (license)
(2) Pixabay via pexels (license)


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