Down For The Moment

June 29, 2017 - In Love, Out of Love, Reflections
Down For The Moment

Everything I thought was true turned out to be a lie
I’m a guy, I don’t catch feelings but sometimes I wanna cry
From the first day I walked up to you and uttered out that “Hi”
Through the up highs and the down lows, oh man I really miss that high
But you’re a murderer, you shot me out of the night sky
You watched me skyfall, hit the ground hard I bounce twice so bad all I wish is that I could die
Even if I make it through, I know I’ll never fly
Sometimes in deep thoughts I wonder, should I even try?
But then I realize that that’s your way of saying goodbye

I thought that everything between us was alright
But sadly our relationship was a tunnel and you were looking for the light
Against your enemies I stood up to fight
Alone through the cold night I awaited your flight
When you finally came in sight
I opened up my arms but clearly something wasn’t right
I was like a kid waiting patiently for the wind so I could fly my kite
But all I got was a clear sky and the scorching sunlight
After all these meals we had had together, it’s clear you lost your appetite
So I’m guessing that’s the reason you left, right?

I swam in the pleasure but now I drown in the pain
Hide from the sun but always walk through the rain
All I have is cheap liquor, ’cause I can’t afford champagne
Gun to my temple and a bullet through my brain
Would that help or would the hate still remain
I think I understand it, you saw nothing to gain
But how could you see it when your stares were all plain
A burden to your life I was just a stubborn stain
But when you got the right detergent, you flushed me down the drain
Instead of shooting down this liquor, I switch up the strain
And fly first class though I’ve never been on a plane
I look down, can’t see you but I know you’re on that train
You might not recognize me when we meet again
And ask yourself why, when you could have been my main


Written by The Dreamer | Gmail


Photo credits:
(1) Bri F via Pixabay (license)
(2) Janeke 88 via Pixabay (license)

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