Bitter Sweet

June 20, 2017 - Crestfallen, In Love, Reflections
Bitter Sweet

The bite from a single apple,
It was so sweet that my tongue did not notice
The taste of a hard fall and excruciating pain from the top of that tree,

Then the rain,
Drops covering my face
The moist and promises of a new beginning,
With all the past washed away,
But the thing is,
The very same ground I sat
Turned into mud,
Swim in that poodle of dirt,
If that floating apple is truly worth your bite,

There was a thing different about this apple,
I mean apart from the taste ,
It grew and never ended,
It fell on hard ground never to splatter,
Others might have tried a bite,
But the thing is , their teeth couldn’t hold that much sweetness, their mouths ruptured,
My special apple, No one else can endure it,
I love that

I was drowning in the river for the rain was heavy,
I felt the light of a forming rainbow over my drowning eyes,
The gulp of a fading life,
Once or twice,
Wait is that my apple,
I cried
Swim towards the beautiful thing,
Only to feel the vines of pain and torture crumple your feet
As such, I remain still
Watching my apple float away,

The demon of the sea,
Three questions and I’ll set you free,
I’m here not of my own will,
What’s with that apple and yet there are many hanging from the same tree?
I answer, it tastes like the sweetness of truth, opens my eyes to what is real,
But why suffer this fate to get to that thing?
That ‘thing’ is the only thing my tongue shall taste, the bitter sweet,
Lastly, if I set you free, as a favour ;would you give a single bite to me?
I looked at the demon with the glare of an inner soul,
What nonsense is this,
I say, no the apple only belongs to me.

Written by Paulo | Instagram | Twitter


Photo credits:
(1) Joanna Malinowska via Free Stocks (license)
(2) Kasia Koziatek via Free Stocks (license)


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