Three Wise Monkeys

May 17, 2017 - Crestfallen, Heart matters, Reflections, Tenderness
Three Wise Monkeys

Must our eyes even when we blind see
I closed my eyes but Zipporah D ‘Ead was aborting the Evil
Zipporah says Kevin Daddy closed her eyes not to see
And that mother sees but to her it’s no Evil
Remember my daughter all we have is nothing you have to see
Until it’s too late we must see no Evil

Must our ears even when we deaf Hear
I closed my ears but Mama Zipporah was screaming like she saw something Evil
Kevin Daddy says she is stupid she want supposed to hear
And that Zipporah my sister died of nature not Evil
Zipporah my saint pray for mother I need you to Hear
And don’t forget she did her best but too late she is not evil
Remember in this our world money buys ears they all can’t Hear
Until it’s too late we must hear no evil

Must our mouths even when we Dumb Speak
And closed his mouth but Kevin Daddy drunk in his straitjacket must be something Evil
Zipporah and her mother he says to him they speak
Another one they say cray like the world it’s Evil
Remember the voices in our heads

Written by Sichach Moses | Instagram | Twitter

Photo credits:
(1) Serkan Göktay via pexels (license)
(2) Unsplash via pexels (license)


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