Love is our Language

May 13, 2017 - Reflections
Love is our Language

Is it ‘the tongue’ that will open doors for me,
Today the dawn has changed my cause,
My mother tongue seem to be the keys to my all,
I thought this century would have buried that deep into the ground,
But it seems it is rooted deep inside people’s mind,
Friends change when it comes to matter of our roots,
Routes to get to people’s hearts have been blocked by the ideology of whose tribe is more superior,
The only Tribe I know is a hotel and not different local dialects,
Act and not pretend to embrace unity while one’s soul is full of impurities which results one being punished with impunity,
We are divided by vice of tribalism which is a condition not a disease,
The smile of people’s faces can only be seen where there is freedom,togetherness and peace,
We should stand firm with a language that brings us together not one that breaks down relation and bothers.

Double_O Franklyne
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Photo credits:
(1) David McEachan via pexels (license)
(2) Imre Juhasz via pexels (license)


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