Sunny Days of Wonderland

August 8, 2016 - Heart matters, In Love, Reflections
Sunny Days of Wonderland

My heart is set on the sunny days of wonderland
The seemingly endless schedule of happy-go-lucky
Days when my youthful laughter comes by
Spells when the life’s springtime is burgeoning
For the beauty and boon of life is bare

There lies an incessant drip of pleasure
Trickling down at a snail’s pace
Keeping the countenances of all fine and fair
The warm rage reflecting on their smooth cheeks
Alongside the fervency and ardor in the atmosphere

It’s really easy to tell the limes from the grapes
It’s a cinch to compare this moment with the tough times
But in everything, in retrospect, it’s a felicitous season
To call to mind the grueling journey through line
For the black-and-blue lesions from the brawl are evident

As a ex-combatant, it is hard to live in the moment
It’s punishing to forget the days in the trenches
However, we live for better times of tranquil
Exerting ourselves to enjoy this minute
For these are the best of days; There’s no better today

The sparky upbeat season ought to awaken us
To quicken us to open our eyes
And look into the maker of these glorious sensations
That we feel, see and fondle
For all these are bundles from our Maker

Photo credits:
(1) Sea Turtle via photopin (license)
(2) Rafael Vianna Croffi via photopin (license)


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