Just Like I dreamt

July 27, 2016 - Heart matters, Reflections
Just Like I dreamt

I have resolved to be watchful on what I binge with my eyes
I will pause and contemplate on the value of what I look at
For my dreams are just but a twist and warp of my day’s impressions
Dreams are the leaps out of the baby’s cot when everyone’s asleep
A thrilling walk into the timberland, throwing discretion out of the window

I have abstracted that the fine balmy clouds and sparkling stars
Are but the product of clear thoughts and a peaceful heart
They are drawn by the invisible ink of calmness
They are moulded by the placid unruffled clay
A thought of interest to the intellect and body’s rest

I have dreamt of the wide roads and the narrow paths
And seen the clone in the world’s model of success
The straight alley leading to bliss and euphoria
The extensive bridle-path to the stage of defeat
I have seen it just like I had dreamt

The bubbly hearts and ebullient smiles I have dreamt of
Are just but a representation of the seasons of life
When we set on the peak, happy with the view
Just before we go downhill to the valley, struggle
And return to the heights of the hill crests

The tingling of taste buds by small savoury grapes
Reminding me of the small things that bring joy
The tiny mentions that bring out the cheer in me
Many are the minuscule and the itty-bitty
That make up our recollection when looking back at the seasons of life.

Photo credits:
(1) Black dream-catcher via pexels (license)
(2) Adult autumn back view boy via pexels (license)


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