Dancing in the Sky

July 7, 2016 - Heart matters, In Love, Out of Love, Reflections
Dancing in the Sky

One day we shall dance in the sky
Above the blue yonder and under the watch of the twinkling stars
We shall close our eyes
And quieten our spirits
To live in that moment of charm and mesmerization

That will be the day she says yes to my proposal
We shall light up the skies with our joy
Our smiles will resonate with the azure, jingling skies
The cheer in us buzzing as the galaxy watches
With the string of delight pulling from all ends

That day we shall toast and drink
We shall blind ourselves with happiness and beam cheerfully
Our blithe, ecstatic faces painting bliss in the sky
The bones within feeling euphoric and untroubled
And joyous flips and somersaults in our tummies

Then we shall not feel the bite of the frigid blanket above
Anxiety and worry will pursue and not find us
Our future seemingly assured by each other
We shall look at the meteors
And muse over the fire within us

Photo credits:
(1) Paul Saad via photopin (license)
(2) John Day via photopin (license)


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