Clutter in the Heart

July 15, 2016 - Heart matters, Reflections
Clutter in the Heart

There are places the mops, brooms & vacuum cleaners never get to
There are heights that the drones don’t get past
And there are depths that the oil drillers give up on
A space that the fingers can’t reach


I have come to know of a kernel
That never sees light
A nucleus where thoughts and feelings originate from
Yet it knows all too well a clutter and jumble
A scatter and broken order of the core


They say that …
Out of the abundance of that nub, the mouth speaks
I say …
Out of the expanse of the disarray and clutter
The mouth blurts
A mirror of the heap and muddle therein


How comes in a state of peace and tranquility
The tender heart has pleasantries gushing out?
And when in a foul mood
All that is spurt out constitutes filth and junk
A reign of entropy


Happiness, contentment & inner peace is the remedy to this hodge-podge
A clear conscience: the mop that keeps the dust away
Forgiveness: the elixir that rids the clutter
And grace: the tincture that keeps the heart in its essence.


Simeon Berg - Flickr - Day 50 - City Life - Large 1024 by 768

Photo credits:
(1) Simeon Berg via photopin (license)
(2) Gabriel Caparó via photopin (license)


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