Monthly Archives: July 2016

A Journey of Tomorrow
As the night cold blows through the wooden frame chinks It shall not numb our excitement It shall not dampen the zing and feverishness in our tummies [...]
Just Like I dreamt
I have resolved to be watchful on what I binge with my eyes I will pause and contemplate on the value of what I look at For my dreams are just but a twist [...]
Don’t Tell Them
Don’t tell them yet of our plans. They won’t understand. Because they want us to be like them. They want us to fit into their pseudo-clear [...]
Echoing Silence
Silence is a bird. Whose journey only begins after the migration of all the birds. And it sets to soar below the clouds. Flapping its wings peacefully. [...]
Clutter in the Heart
There are places the mops, brooms & vacuum cleaners never get to There are heights that the drones don’t get past And there are depths that the [...]
Dancing in the Sky
One day we shall dance in the sky Above the blue yonder and under the watch of the twinkling stars We shall close our eyes And quieten our spirits To live [...]
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