Love is the oxygen of our souls

June 23, 2016 - Heart matters, In Love, Prayer, Reflections, Tenderness
Love is the oxygen of our souls

This love is the oxygen of our souls

It is the v-power fuel to our engines

It is the universal language that men speak

It is the one thing that people with different tongues can share

It is the flame that burns in every one, every single one

That we are quick to recognize when we feel it


What are the heights of love?

The breadths of this thing called true love?

This love has no dimensions. It’s like jelly

It bears no functions? It knows of no floor or ceiling

It is a love that know not any boundaries

It is a love that knows no Muslim, Christian or Jew

It is a love that breeds more love


The kind of stuff where a non-believer is moved to tears

That a Muslim should ask afterwards of the God we profess

The kind of joy that fills those who are in suffering

The mix that gives birth to greater love


A love best exemplified by Christ

He didn’t just preach it as another commandment

Jesus came purposely to lay down his life for us

We who didn’t even know him

We who were so distant from the light

But still he cared more than enough to selflessly die for us.


This love is amazing

This selfless, sacrificial, forgiving and compassionate love is the grey matter

It is the only matter that matters

That we should love others just as He loved us

This love is the beauty in life


So simple yet deep as the Channel Tunnel

A commandment that if you keep you keep all the others

And there’s only one task

That we should remain in Christ’s love

In the same manner that Jesus kept His Father’s commandment


With true love

We shall experience the depths of God’s experience

We shall get a glimpse of the awesomeness of God

We shall get to taste of God’s glory and we shall, by ourselves, testify that it is great

And through this genuine true love

All men will know that we are Christ’s own.

Radek Korbal Photography - Flickr - Tea lights #1 - Large 1024 by 768

Photo credits:
(1) Alice Popkorn via photopin (license)
(2) Radek Korbal Photography via photopin (license)


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