To You

April 29, 2016 - Heart matters, In Love, Tenderness
To You

If my time stops and my heart drops,
I wish you knew,that I sing for you,
And I hope you hear me wishing we could be.

If my tears dry,never again to cry,
I hope you know that i love you,and I didn’t know what to do,
Except maybe act a fool.

For the love I let die,and the times I’ve been shy
I am truly sorry,
I’m sorry I didn’t let this love shine to glory,
I’m sorry I still I’m speechless,
I’m sorry for all the wasted chances,
and I’m sorry I didn’t let we – be a love story,

For maybe love is for the strong,
Or maybe love is all wrong,
But like my favourite song,
If in a split second I’m all gone,
And I left you all alone,
Baby please-don’t cry



Bill Dickinson - Flickr - Poetry KE - Love - Large 1024 by 768

Kamangu Muigua

Photo credits:
(1) Gisela Giardino via photopin (license)
(2) Bill Dickinson via photopin (license)


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