Monthly Archives: April 2016

Dear Bullet
    By Audilia Wakesho Photo credits: (1) Johnny Silvercloud via photopin (license) (2) Chris Klüpfel via photopin (license)  
To You
If my time stops and my heart drops, I wish you knew,that I sing for you, And I hope you hear me wishing we could be. If my tears dry,never again to cry, I [...]
Not Body But Heart
I would rather be sick in my body then i visit the doctor get medicine; injection eventually become better… My heart is aching tearing apart who can [...]
A Long Time Ago
As he slouched over the counter His demeanor betrayed him For he just looked as I did When he snatched her from me A long time ago. A long time ago it [...]
Tears of Mother Nature
She cries with warm tears from the heavens above, She sees her offspring wither from the harsh hands, Money exchanges hands as her offspring dwindle, She [...]
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