Who will tell her these words?

January 1, 2016 - Heart matters, In Love, Tenderness
Who will tell her these words?

Who will tell her these words?
That she’s more beautiful than the bougainvillea at the Chief’s camp
She’s the sweetest part of my (sugar) cane
She’s the softest bean in my githeri

My eyes fell in love long ago
And they convinced my entire being
She’s my everyday crush

Her words are like fresh water to me
They lift up my spirits
They extinguish the fiery arrows of despair

When she smiles, my inner world comes to life
Her dimples pump up more voltage to my happiness
Her white teeth reflect life’s goodness

Who will tell her that there’s no other flower as beautiful as her
She’s the synonym of beauty
She complements the earrings she wears; not vice versa

Her small soft hands, I want to forever hold
Her soft face, I want to engulf with my hands
Her embrace, I want to be around

Who will whisper to her these truths?

Squiggle - Flickr - Poetry KE - Who will tell her these words - Large 1024 by 683

Photo credits:
(1) Hilde Skjølberg via photopin (license)
(2) Squiggle via photopin (license)


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