What would I accuse you of in a Court of Law?

January 1, 2016 - Heart matters, In Love, Tenderness
What would I accuse you of in a Court of Law?

Before the hearing of your case, I’d ask we do things differently
First, you ought to stand guilty and prove yourself innocent
You’d also need to have me as your witness
And I’d be the judge, whose decision no one can appeal

I, the prosecutor, would accuse you of robbery without violence; for stealing my heart
And when I pleaded with you to let me go, you clutched harder and tighter
When I promised to give you everything but not my heart, you put wax in your ears
You still continue to possess my heart

As if you had not had enough, you kidnapped me and took me to the vast lands of love
You took me and showed me the landscapes of the love country
And you adamantly ignored my pleas to go back home
To go back to the land of freedom and single hood

I’d, in my capacity as chief prosecutor accuse you of brainwashing me
You flushed out deep love for myself and radicalized me on love matters
Now, it is like I’m hooked on substance I cannot sleep without wanting to hear from you
I think of you more times in the day than I think about food and money combined

I’d finish by disclosing how you compromised the judge
You didn’t bribe him
What you did was worse
You weakened his spine and his guts
He cannot make a sober judgment on this case
When he sees you in the dock, his heart mellows

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Photo credits:
(1) Chris Potter via photopin (license)
(2) AK Rockefeller via photopin (license)


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