The yellow in my sun

January 1, 2016 - Heart matters, In Love, Tenderness
The yellow in my sun

The grilled nyama choma doesn’t excite me as much as she does
It doesn’t give me the feel and satisfaction I get from hanging out with her
The wise ones could say that nyam-chom could take you to sleep; but not love
I ask, why would you want to sleep when you are happier awake?

I saw her pick up a bird’s nest from the ground
And couldn’t help but reason out that she cares too much
That she would pick me up when I would be down
When I would fall with a thud, she would stretch her hand, dust me and give me a warm embrace

I don’t know whether diamonds fall from the sky
I am not too sure whether pearls are chummed from trees
I am also at loss as to whether gold falls from heaven
I just know that good things come from the place above the clouds I can see
Because she is my diamond, my pearl and my gold; and she’s from that village above the clouds

She is a treasure I did not mine for
I never took up a shovel, a spotlight and a helmet
Nor did I labour at 250 feet underneath the earth
She was given to me
By who? The only one who knows her way better than I could; God
The commander of all fortunes

She gives me peace in my temple
She puts spread to this slice of life
She adds the instrumentals to this song that I have been humming from birth
She adds a pinch of salt to this meal
She’s the yellow in my sun


James Whitesmith - Flickr - Poetry KE - The yellow in my sun - Large 1024 by 768

Photo credits:
(1) James Whitesmith via photopin (license)
(2) James Wheeler via photopin (license)


2 thoughts on “The yellow in my sun


wow…beautiful words,
love is stronger than death,
many waters cannot quench love,
nor can the sun shine brighter,
than love…

Carol Kiago

No my love
It’s uncountable like stars
in sky Flow in high speed than electricity waves when I gaze at your eyes its all i can see…. Yes it’s all i can feel


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