The Story of Your Eyes

January 1, 2016 - Heart matters, In Love, Out of Love, Tenderness
The Story of Your Eyes

My love, my sweetest flavor
I saw you yesterday
And I could see all was not right
Your eyes told me a story; a sad story

Hard as it had been, I stuck around and listened to them
But for a moment or two, I wasn’t interested
It was too bitter a message to take in
But still I stood to listen

Their sparkle and shine had been absent
At some point I could look into them
And get lost; only to recover minutes later.
Something … no … not something
Everything was a miss

Those same eyes that had once transmitted happiness,
The same eyes that had been avenues of hope and good will
Those same eyes that had opened the gates to your heart
Those same eyes …
Were now dilating
Like two peas in a pond

In their shyness, they whispered 6 words
6 words that put my flesh and heart in a guillotine
6 words that torment and torture my soul till this day
An utterance that make me curse the day I set eyes on your beauty
Those 6 cruel, inhumane words:
“No longer in love with you”

But I saw it coming like a steam driven coach
The day I looked into them and saw nothing; I knew
The day our eyes locked and you turned away
And I wished that feeling away; I knew

Now, my love, the only beauty that my heart knows of
Be kind to me, the son of the earth
Look into my eyes
And whisper to them in a small, little voice
The words of goodbye and fermented love

And before you go
Listen to what my eyes will say
The words of unending, true love.

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Photo credits:
(1) Kumar via photopin (license)
(2) Jase Hill via photopin (license)


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