The Ripples in my Heart

January 1, 2016 - Heart matters, In Love, Tenderness
The Ripples in my Heart

This girl is the cherry in my heart cake
She is the wave that hits my waters
She is the stone that causes ripples in my pond
She is the top layer in my African stew

When she talks, she takes hold of me by her words
When she smiles, she takes me to a land of bliss
The way she calls out my name makes me pretend not to have heard her
Just for her to call out again

The day I met her, I could hear ripples in my heart
She opened for me a new dimension to love
She gave me something; some craziness.
Some craziness too bold for my disciplined African personality

That day that I met her for the first time
It was as if I had been seeing in black-and-white before
Dazzling and beautiful,
I was carried away.
To where? I don’t know.
To a place where the ripples in my heart join with the dancing in my bones and the lighting of my spirit

Her warmth is like a bonfire in cold June
The way she giggles takes me back to primary school: The days I could laugh about nothing
She is the red ochre on my hair that gives me that deep sense of good looks, no matter what people think or say.
She is the only sunflower flowering in my savannah.

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