The Concrete Plinth that I Stand on

January 1, 2016 - In Love, Prayer, Reflections
The Concrete Plinth that I Stand on

In my days, I have heard of loud whispers and soft screams
I have seen glum affluent men and happy poor souls
My stomach long lost its appetite for “good” food
And I can tell you the village stories of long ago
Nonetheless in all my wisdom and lack of it
I have never seen a love like Christ’s

I have run down City Market for the perfect flowers
Tried out KFC ice-cream and all their “buckets”
Gone online in search for the ultimate treat for that special one
And buried my upshots because of the insatiability of her tastes
But in all my inquiry I have landed right into the Holy Book
And inside I found the perfect gift for that special one of mine

Christ and his love,
The concrete plinth that I stand on
He orders my steps and holds me by my hand
He choreographs my day into those striking, unforgettable times
Moments not organic like the daisies and tulips
Christ offers a bucket full of bursting love
He makes every day my “Valentines”

My eyes are a witness of his colossal, gargantuan affection
Like bystanders, they have seen the works of the Lord from close range
My long-dried-up tears have stopped on several occasions on their journey down my cheeks
And spectacled at His majestic “upendo” in my lowest of stretches
When I have in between darkness, fear, lack, guilt, regret and sorrow
My spirit has experienced a thrust and lift into the clouds of glee
All my senses could burst into an akin reprising chorale

So I stand amazed by Christ’s love; a love so true in the very sense
A thought that leaves me pondering on my undeserving grace
All I can do is to resolutely and confidently assert that ….
I choose subscribe to this great author of love, forever.
Adnan Khan - Flickr - Poetry KE - The Concrete Plinth that I Stand on - Large 1024 by 768

Photo credits:
(1) Rene Yoshi via photopin (license)
(2) Adnan Khan via photopin (license)


One thought on “The Concrete Plinth that I Stand on

george m

every day i cant help myself to read and even recite this poem…thats an incredible piece there


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