Tell Me How to Let Go

January 1, 2016 - Crestfallen, Heart matters, Out of Love, Tenderness
Tell Me How to Let Go

When I recall the happenings of that October night
I cannot help but shed a tear
Remembering how you tossed my world around
It pained me, like taking quinine with the bitter herbs of the Egyptians
I had never felt as helpless
For a moment my biceps had atrophied
My legs were weak, weaker than those of a polio-afflicted child

Having told me you wanted us to meet, I thought it would have been romantic
I had thought of how we would take our relationship to the next level
I wore my Sunday best:
The custom made jeans designed by Queen, the local tailor
Together with the polyester-nylon shirt that was imported from Singapore
My esteem was at its peak; happy hormones were raging

But then
You uttered those heartless words:
“I have found new love and it pains to let you go”
Your face was composed without any sign of emotion
Those words could only have been meant to pierce like a spear
And they did

They say a man never cries
My eyes swam in a calabash of water
Like two cowrie shells in the salty waters of Mombasa
The pains of unreciprocated love

Time has moved on, it’s now three years on
But I am still transfixed in your love
You are still the queen of my night
Even after such atrocities on me, you are the brightest star in my galaxy

Every night I think of you
I keep shaking off the thought that you are in someone else’s arms
I look to the sky, stretching my imagination
Taking time to whisper to the cold, gushy wind
In the hope that those whispers will reach you

I ask of you, withering pink flower in my garden
I ask of you
Tell me how to let go
So that I may free myself and fly
So that I may get to love again
Tell me; tell me how.

Neal Fowler - Flickr - Poetry KE - Tell Me how to let go - Large 1024 by 768

Photo credits:
(1) Neal Fowler via photopin (license)
(2) Andrew Baldacchino via photopin (license)


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