Reflections on the Sand

January 1, 2016 - Reflections
Reflections on the Sand

My head is too heavy for me
I feel my neck will one day pay the price
My eyes upon the earth
Searching for answers that I already know
Foolish I am to think life is worth the wits
Silly I be to go on a never-ending quest
My spirit thirsts

Always sticking to comrades like glue
Friends or foe, last on priority
Looking for friendship when the one friend’s arms are open
Defeats conscience with my expectations
Treating him like cheap dust
And desire within to turn ash to gold dust
Searching for what I already am in possession

I look down into the sand
All I can see is my reflection
It disturbs to talk your breath and be listened not
Life so precious yet worthless,
Priceless worthwhile it pains

Capillary Waves [Explored] - Flickr - Poetry KE - Reflections on the Sand - Large 1024 by 768

Photo credits:
(1) blavandmaster via photopin (license)

(2) Eric Roy via photopin (license)


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