Queen of my Night

January 1, 2016 - Heart matters, In Love
Queen of my Night

As you head to bed
Fall asleep with your pretty smile
Uncover your head and gaze into the empty darkness
And see the ceiling gazing back
Praying that that good feeling never fades or leaves

Forget about the cold, shy, whispering wind
Ignore the crickets and their untimely tunes
Fill your thoughts with our memories
Clutch on to the knowledge that you are cherished, loved, adored by your rock
You will always be the Queen of my night

Ponder on how you could be alone in bed
Yet experience the closeness of your muffin cake right there
Take small breathes, slowly
Like you aren’t going anywhere
And hold on to your pillow, tightly
Because it’s the only object that has a clue of how you feel.

Close your eyes
Release yourself to the night
Let your heart rhythm sync with that of the overhead clouds
Dream of the clear skies, the full moon
And the stars of the beautiful night

Kevin Dinkel - Flickr - Poetry KE - Queen of my Night - Large 1024 by 768

Photo credits:
(1) Snugg LePup via photopin (license)
(2) Kevin Dinkel via photopin (license)


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