No Two Similar Sunsets

January 1, 2016 - Heart matters, In Love, Reflections
No Two Similar Sunsets

They say that there are no two similar sunsets
Hereclitus also says that you cannot step on the same waters (in a river) twice
People say so many things

I say. ..
Every glimpse of my fair lady’s face is different
Each time she smiles, a totally new spectacle
There’s a way she looks at me, not saying a word, and I feel my heart melt

That is why I don’t struggle with mornings
The new day is another chance to feel loved
Another moment in fantasy
Another step into the clouds of glee

I can never ever get used to hearing her call out my name the way she does
I will forever live for those moments she says words that literally clutch my heart
It is never the same how she says “Good night”
That’s another climb in the staircase of pure niceness

And so each day is like a blind walk in the ripe pineapple fields of Delmonte
Where I get to have the blindfold removed to experience the beauty and taste of the juicy fruits, not just the ripe smell

Each day is a new gaze of the same old picture in the living room
And noticing peculiarities and instances of uniqueness

That’s why I get up excited at dawn, because I know my sugar cube is there for me and I’m here for her. She sprays freshness into my day.
There’s never a kawaida day.
Yes, it is the same 24 hours like yesterday … but with heightened exposure to how I am loved.


Rachel Melton - Flickr - Poetry KE - No two similar sunsets - Large 1024 by 768

Photo credits:
(1) BRainy Photography via photopin (license)
(2) Rachel Melton via photopin (license)


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