My beaming ray of sunshine

January 1, 2016 - Crestfallen, Heart matters, In Love
My beaming ray of sunshine

Where do you hire teachers who never went to Teacher Training Colleges (TTC)
And expect them to do a good job?
I know…

From her village

She taught me the virtue of patience when she told me to wait for a year then ask her whether she would want to be my girlfriend
She showed me how to not be always in a hurry when she told me to give her time to think things through
She taught me to wait without muttering for her before any date

She made me think about the future
When she asked me what I had planned out for us
She forced me to sing the tune of Vision 2030 when she asked me where I would be by then
She had me spawn into futuristic thoughts by her insistence on plans

She pushed my thought process to the edge when she asked me precisely why I thought I was I love with her
She moved my mental beacons further when she asked the question “why”
She made me a better intellectual when she asked me to be rational in love.

She took me to that class of “Courage” when she implied that I should stand by her even against her very own
She hardened my spine when she took me away from my inner comfortable shell
She gave me the all-important lecture on firmness when she told me to not care when whatever I had set my mind to do failed.

She pointed me to God
She made me look beyond myself
She handed me bits of wisdom
She invested in my mind
She reinforced matters I couldn’t learn anyway
She gave me words that I could run with any day
She walked with me, even when there was no exam; no grading.
My beaming ray of sunshine in the darkness of ignorance

I guess that is what they learn in their village


Leah Markum - Flickr - Poetry KE - My beaming ray of sunshine in the darkness of ignorance - Large 1024 by 768


Photo credits:
(1) Steven Worster via photopin (license)
(2) Leah Markum via photopin (license)


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