A Lover’s Lecture

January 1, 2016 - Heart matters, In Love
A Lover’s Lecture

Teach me how to love
That I may swim in this pond
That I may slumber and not wake up from it

Read me the detailed manual
So that I may know what to do
When our eyes interlock
When I’m short of breath at your sight
When my spirit knows of no other beauty

Teach me, Oh experienced one,
I am at your feet; I have been yearning for this lecture
Old as I am, love deceives me
The daughters of the sun and the moon still hold me captive

Show me how to be rational in love
Remind me of how to take a moment before a kiss
Open my eyes, my inner eyes
That I may decipher your awesomeness in the beauty of the night

Let me flip through the pages
Of that book that you constantly refer
To skim the most important lessons on this thing, love
I, the son of the earth, ask

Luke Hayfield - Flickr - Poetry KE - A Lover's Lecture - Large 1024 by 768

Photo credits:
(1) Anant Nath Sharma via photopin (license)
(2) Luke Hayfield via photopin (license)


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