Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Concrete Plinth that I Stand on
In my days, I have heard of loud whispers and soft screams I have seen glum affluent men and happy poor souls My stomach long lost its appetite for “good” [...]
A dream that never seems to end
What do we call a dream that never seems to end? A love story. But a story has a plot. It has a climax and an anticlimax. And who’s the villain? I [...]
No Two Similar Sunsets
They say that there are no two similar sunsets Hereclitus also says that you cannot step on the same waters (in a river) twice People say so many things I [...]
Queen of my Night
As you head to bed Fall asleep with your pretty smile Uncover your head and gaze into the empty darkness And see the ceiling gazing back Praying that that [...]
That Black Shoe
How I loved the days I wore no shoes The times I had no clue of what suede or shoe polish was Days that there was only the washing of bare feet No thoughts [...]
That bubblegum whose sweet taste doesn’t fade
I had some time to count the joys of being here in love with you And I had a lot to smile about I had a monster list to that end And you could sum it up in [...]
The Ripples in my Heart
This girl is the cherry in my heart cake She is the wave that hits my waters She is the stone that causes ripples in my pond She is the top layer in my [...]
The yellow in my sun
The grilled nyama choma doesn’t excite me as much as she does It doesn’t give me the feel and satisfaction I get from hanging out with her The [...]
What would I accuse you of in a Court of Law?
Before the hearing of your case, I’d ask we do things differently First, you ought to stand guilty and prove yourself innocent You’d also need [...]
When Will I Love You?
I will love you when the sky’s blue. I will still care when the sky’s grey-black. I will love you when the Southeast winds are blowing. I will [...]
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